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Dave Gerber, President of Synergy Development & Training, is a conflict management, leadership and learning expert. He is a highly proven speaker, trainer and leadership coach who is dedicated to the success of your event and organization! Dave Gerber has spoken to over 10,000 diverse senior executives, leaders, managers, employees and educators from organizations of all sizes, all across the United States!  
"Dave Gerber Falls into the top 1% of all speakers I have ever seen. I was so impressed with Dave's performance and process that I was delighted to join his efforts on the advisory board!"
---- Dave Maurer, PMP, Director, Sevatec
Dave has helped individuals and organizations of all sizes; from Fortune 50 to Small Businesses, Dave makes an impact that provides immediate value and return on investment. Maximizing innovation, passion, content knowledge, humor and a strong background in adult learning, Dave is proven to support organizations’ short and long term needs – he provides ROI and will completely engage your audience in the first three minutes; upon conclusion, participants will have actionable, reproducible tools, skills and heightened motivation.
"If you are going to be viewed as a leader in your organization and survive and thrive at work into the next century, you must develop your own conflict approach and develop a reputation for leadership in conflict management and consensus building."  -- Lynne Eisaguirre

Dave has helped organizations:

  • Energize events with innovative keynote speeches
  • Manage individual and organizational conflict resolution strategies
  • Design and deliver customized professional development training (i.e. conflict management training, leadership development, negotiation skills training)
  • Provide C-suite/leadership coaching to increase effectiveness & heighten performance
  • Use workplace conflict mediations and other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) options
  • Facilitate difficult conversations, team coaching, team building and team retreats
  • Increase effectiveness, motivation, accountability and the bottom line!!

Learn more about how Dave can help meet your needs, at the pace of now!  (703) 752-7588

More Testimonials
"Dave delivered an outstanding presentation at a recent SHRM conference, inspiring the HR professionals in attendance to make conflict work to the benefit of their organizations. His dynamic, high energy style coupled with his expert use of multi-media kept the audience at the edge of their seat and fully engaged throughout. His cutting-edge approach to conflict was truly transformative. I would highly recommend him as a speaker or trainer for companies who are ready to revolutionize the way they think about their people."
-- Shira Harrington, Founder & President, Purposeful Hire, Inc.
"We enjoyed having Dave Gerber speak to our management team at our recent workshop. Dave’s content was informative and very applicable and his delivery was innovative and captivating. His approach to training made the new subject matter easy to understand and apply. His model on “how to plan for difficult discussions” is compelling, practical, and easy to use. We now have a defined path and the potential to heighten collaboration, increase performance and potentially avoid the loss of efficiencies that stem from unaddressed conflict in our workplace. I highly recommend Dave Gerber to anyone looking to equip themselves and their employees with these skills to manage conflict, thereby improving their organizational culture."
-- Katherine E. Lundstrom, Coray Gurnitz Consulting
"Everyone I talked to remarked on how engaging you were…made for a good learning experience. Thanks again! "
-- Laura M. Obloy, SAIC Program Manager/Vice President
Infrastructure, Logistics, and Product Solutions Group
"Dave Gerber's passionate delivery and relevant information resonated with me, as it did for nearly 100 others in attendance at his recent 'On Fire Leadership' seminar at the Washington DC PMI Chapter. His high energy, effective and memorable use of humor and certainly, the exceptional content of his presentation made for a most impressive training experience. He understands the world of work, and more specifically, the world of project management. His integration of fresh approaches to success within the context of projects will prove most useful to me immediately and in the future. I was so impressed with our training day that I am looking forward to hiring Dave for two events of my own in 2009/2010!"
-- Sandi Redman, Project Manager, NTCA, 2009/2010
Dozens of other testimonials for speaking, training, coaching and consulting in multiple industries are available.

People want a speaker to impact their life, today! Dave Gerber can help and support your ongoing efforts. He will help make your event memorable and have participants walk away from a presentation that actually motivates, inspires and provides individuals reproducible skills and the increased desire to make it happen!

“Synergy Sand Film” – Dave is the only speaker in the world that uses innovative, rarely seen, moving sand art. Experience the connection between the film and keynote/event theme and realize in the first three minutes that choosing Dave to speak at your event was a great decision!

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"Viewing the sand film was a unique and innovative way to key into the theme of Dave Gerber's presentation to our annual state league staff workshop. It brought home the point that anything worth creating -- and worth creating well -- has to be done at the right pace and with a team of people who can work well together. Our meeting attendees very much enjoyed the film and the way it so beautifully connected to the theme of Dave's talk!”
- Scott A. Morris, Manager,
State League Programs
National League of Cities
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