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Synergy Development & Training, LLC
Dave Gerber, President

Synergy Development & Training helps organizations, individuals, and project teams increase performance and reduce risk with professional development and leadership coaching. We are experts in conflict management. We help our clients with a unique core expertise of consulting skills that include training & development, curriculum development, meeting facilitation, leadership coaching, team coaching, mediation, and keynote speaking.

Our passion and vision is to help people use conflict as means for change, growth and closure – all with client needs in mind and a results-based approach designed from research and best practices. Result include increased personal skills, higher performing teams, reduced conflict, and improved organizational synergy in the future. Our work helps people “move forward together.”

Synergy Development & Training has worked with the Central Intelligence Agency, U.S. Department of Treasury, US EPA, US Air Force, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Maryland Judiciary, Axiom Resource Management, the US Trade Administration,ATPCO, and many non-profit organizations, school systems, and businesses.

David Gerber, MEd., specializes in professional development, curriculum design, training, Conflict Management, and leadership coaching. He has worked with school administrators, educators, business owners, executive teams, U.S. Military Colonels, the Intelligence Community, mangers and supervisors and many others in a training, consulting and coaching capacity. His goal is always to help individuals improve their personal, professional and organizational abilities. His expertise spans the areas of conflict resolution and organizational problem solving, team building, group facilitation, Interest-Based Negotiations, diversity education, communication, leadership and beyond. Dave trains for the United States and local governments, corporations, associations, non-profits, medical practices and school systems. He has hands on experience working with thousands of training participants and students of all ages, races, backgrounds and ability levels.

David received a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Ithaca College (NY), a master’s degree in education from St. Joseph’s University (Philadelphia), a Senior Executive Leadership certificate and a Leadership Coaching certificate from Georgetown University (D.C.). He has certificates in Workplace Conflict Processes, Workplace Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Commercial, Federal Workplace and Family Mediation from the Northern Virginia Mediation Service at George Mason. Dave brings 12 years of varied conflict management, teaching, coaching and educator-training experience as well. Additionally, he has a great understanding of how people work, how to expand upon their potential and how to motivate and inspire them to action. He is dedicated to people and relationships and truly enjoys helping diverse work and academic environments prevent, manage and resolve conflict. His passionate and motivating style is contagious.

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