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Use Conflict! Advance Your Winning Life

In this book, Dave Gerber captures the essence of conflict while building upon his latest book, Life Without Conflict: Introduction to a Winning Life. The goal of this book is to further strengthen people's understanding, awareness and ability to use conflict in one's personal and professional life. This book further helps to build the bridge from theory to practice and advance one's thinking on the subject for increased success and happiness.

Book: $14.95 (plus $4.95 S/H)

Are You a King or Queen of Conflict... in Project Management?

"You can't beat this book when it comes to learning and understanding Project Management... Based squarely upon the PMBOK, Dave Gerber and Dave Maurer provide a thorough review of the many theories and methodologies which educate and inspire the modern Project Manager. In thie wide-ranging book, the authors skillfully take on the task of capturing the breadth of this special skill set and communicating that skill set to the reader."
- Walker Lee Evey, President & CEO, Design-Build Institute of America

Book: $19.95 (plus $4.95 S/H)

Life without Conflict: Introduction to a Winning Life

Whether you are a supervisor or employee, husband or wife, first born or sibling... whether you are in business or work for the government, are an educator or administrator, lawyer or judge, doctor or nurse, engineer or someone from any profession who wants to learn a better way to live, this book is for you. Why? Because in these pages, Dave Gerber and Pamela Leech present so many tools, tidbits and actionable suggestions, on top of its message about the underlying current of conflict, where it comes from and what to do about it. It will change your life, forever.

Book: $12.95 (plus $4.95 S/H)
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