Executive & Leadership Coaching

Coaching Services Offered

  1. Executive Leadership Coaching
  2. Executive Hybrid Coaching/Consulting
  3. CEO/President & Concurrent Executive Team Coaching
  4. Team and/or Project Management Leadership Coaching
  5. Supervisory and Management Coaching
  6. Transition Coaching
  7. Business Development and Sales Coaching

    "As a CEO, where do you turn when you need help to work things out? In golf you would turn to the Pro for a lesson or 'tune-up' for a specific issue. In business you may find your staff and professional advisors can help to some degree, but don't have your perspective; your executive management colleagues may be able to help with a shared point of view and experiences, but it is difficult to be totally candid and open with potential or existing competitors. I found that working with Dave Gerber for some executive coaching provided a platform for focused self examination and development and a 'safe' environment which permits open and candid examination of the issues with an individual that can tap your inner strength to resolve the issues at hand. Like a great coach, or the golf Pro, Dave doesn't give you theory from a book or tell you how you 'should', he helps you work through the problem by giving you the right tools to assist you in solving it. As I told Dave: 'It's time well spent!'."

    Jack Gates, CEO
    Gates Associates

Synergy Executive Coaching is an interactive process designed to help leaders build upon their existing skills and to increase their supervisory and professional development. It is work-related and focused on effective leadership, improving performance, communication, behavior and potential. Our coaches utilize goal-orientated, personally tailored training for busy executives.

We Help Leaders:
  1. Clarify vision
  2. Achieve goals
  3. Eliminate obstacles
  4. Maximize abilities
  5. Improve leadership
Choosing the Benefits of Synergy Executive Coaching:
  1. We help support the induction or appointment of a senior person into a more senior, supervisory or different role.
  2. We help accelerate the professional development of individuals who have 'high potential'.
  3. We help your leaders increase the effective implementation of organizational change.
  4. We provide confidential support, motivation and/or an independent sounding board.
  5. We support senior individuals engaged in wider personal effectiveness programs, such as Appreciative Inquiry, 360-degree appraisal and others.
Critical features of Synergy Executive Coaching:
  1. Goal specific-action oriented
  2. Contemporary and innovative methods
  3. Personally customized approach to learning
  4. Motivation and observable outcomes
  5. It can be short-term, provide feedback and some objectivity
  6. Remember, our services can also be means of rewarding and retaining key staff critical to the business.
Other Reasons to Consider Synergy Coaching:
  1. Many supervisors and senior managers want and welcome support and challenge from someone external to their immediate work environment.
  2. Consider the increasing demand by organizations for senior managers and effective leaders with key 'soft skills'. Often, individuals with strong content knowledge are elevated to management positions. These leaders, and those out of business school, need exposure to feedback-based approaches that provide reflection opportunities, self-insight and the acquisition of soft skills.
  3. Consider this...the nature of the executive coaching relationship is private and avoids that public gaze. This can be a great way to encourage those who worry that being seen to undergo organizational development may be perceived by others as admitting they have a weakness.
  4. Consider this...attendance on whole-day courses or regular learning sets can seem an imposition into an already busy schedule for executives and supervisors. Sessions with executive coaches can be fitted around other professional and personal commitments.
  5. Consider this...executive coaching  and effective leadership training can be a fun outlet that taps creativity and customized solutions to organizational and relationship obstacles.

The Executive Coaching Process

Coaching is 100% confidential. The coaching relationship is built on trust and confidentiality is critical. When we are hired by a corporation to provide individual coaching, we agree up front on the confidentiality. In this situation, confidentiality is determined jointly by you, your corporation, and your coach.

Examples of the Roles That Coaches Play

Listening: Sometimes you need a sounding board for your ideas or aggravations.
Competency Building: An executive coach helps you build a personalized development plan based on your career goals and your organization's business needs.
Accountability: Your coach helps hold you accountable for your actions.
Encouragement: You might get 'down on yourself'--your coach will know how to motivate you.
Celebration: As you have breakthroughs, your coach can help you recognize your achievement and celebrate.

I. Synergy's Pre-Coaching Phase includes:
  1. Entry and initial contact & contracting with the individual (or supervisor of employee)
  2. Professional Sharing and Relationship Introduction
  3. Behavioral/Leadership Styles Assessment
  4. Multiple Intelligence & Communication Styles Assessment
II. Synergy's Executive Coaching Phases Include:
  1. Identifying the issues to be addressed
  2. Reaching a shared analysis
  3. Planning to address development needs arising or spontaneous issues to address
  4. Action taking, practice and reflection
  5. Withdrawal from the relationship
Phases I and II work to Establish:
  1. Assessment of motivational and attitudinal factors, leadership & communication styles Intelligences.
  2. Maximization of candidate: motivation through feedback, education & tailored approaches.
  3. Use of experiential exercises to match the learning style of the adult candidate.
  4. Use of homework assignments, including active practice and solicitation.
  5. Use of relapse prevention strategies to head-off backsliding and resumption of old behaviors.
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