Master Leadership Coaching Academy

What is it?

The Leadership Coaching Academy is a unique model and professional development program customized to help leaders increase their skills and capacity to build high performing teams/organizations through an empowering one on one coaching relationship. The Academy brings several added features to the relationship and benefits that go far beyond what can be covered in a coaching session or relationship. The objective is to personalize the academy experience so that each leader increases their potential, leadership capabilities and ability to address the challenges of people management, small and large scale.

Who Joins this Academy?

  • Leaders at various stages in their career
  • C-Suite Executives, Directors, Supervisors and Managers
  • Leaders who are, have recently or will be advancing/promoting
  • Leadership Consultants and Coaches building their skills
  • Leaders going back to work

Benefits: Value and ROI

  • Heightened Job Satisfaction and Motivation Levels
  • Increased ability to coach oneself
  • Increased interpersonal effectiveness
  • Heightened motivation levels
  • Increased abilities to get your way
  • Heightened decision making ability
  • Increased professional development and skill sets
  • Increased Production Levels and Promotability
  • Improved Overall Health and Well Being
  • Decreased Workplace Emotional Luggage
  • Proven Coaching and Coachsulting

What's Included?

  • A dedicated, passionate and proven coach that will provide you with non-judgmental space to discover and unlock potential that will change your professional and personal life forever.
  • Individualized attention and 100% access
  • Synergy Pre-Coaching Packet
  • (3) Books on Leadership, Project Management and Conflict
  • (1) 360 Degree Tools and Debrief Session
  • (15) 50-60 Minute Calls over nine months -- confidential
  • (1) Leadership/Business Related Article Per Month
  • (1) Monthly Podcast, Webcast or Audio Link
  • (1) Building High Performing Teams -- Best Practices and Models
  • Access to related monthly blogs, newsletters and related social media
  • Access to Proprietary Information, Models and Tools
  • Access to Monthly Networking and Collaboration Potential
  • Access to the proprietary "Synergy" Sand Film
  • Access to world-class supplemental organizational services
  • Access to multiple other Professional-Personal Assessments
  • Access to the Job Shadowing Program
  • 80v20 Value Billing and Customized Payment Agreement
  • Completion Certificate and “Coining Ceremony”

How does it work?

  • In a non-judgmental environment the participant gets the opportunity to discover not only the valuable answers to essential questions had coming into the Academy, but the skills to create different emotional states and behaviors in the moment and through self-coaching.
  • We start by getting to know more about each other on the first call. On this call we will also discuss an overview of the Academy and the coaching relationship, 360 Degree Feedback, Goal Design and whatever else is on your mind.
  • We will continue with calls and information exchanges through to a mid-point session where we will address the goals, keep at them or modify them and create new ones because of your successes.
  • We will then move through the monthly sessions (please see the "Included" section) to a tentative completion date where you get to decide if we continue or close down our Journey.
  • Telephonic Coaching Sessions for a 9 month period.

Enrollment Dates

  • February 2010 - March 2010

Program Launch

  • April 2010

Program Completion

  • December 2010

Program Prerequisites

  • By invitation only -- Limited # of Participants accepted to each Academy Class
  • 5+ years experience in leadership/business capacity
  • Currently working PT/FT
“I have been to hundreds of seminars, workshops, conventions and known many a ‘coach.’ Dave is the definition of a player’s coach; working with him brought out the best in me and helped me overcome business challenges I had faced for months. Dave has a one of-a kind way of connecting issues to examples, analogies to the obstacle at hand. He is creative and challenging with an empathetic approach that never made me feel defensive, always genuinely willing to share. There is no question that he can help speed up your learning curve.”
-- Burl Haigwood, Business Development and Sales
Oracle (Currently working with “The Same Page”)

Application available soon.
Cancellation Policy – See Application
Cost - Nine Month program is $9,850

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