“Dave Gerber is like the Tony Robbins of Conflict Management!”

– C.Suite Auidience Member


As organizations move through the digital revolution it will be critical to help maximize human performance! We can help!

Synergy Development & Training, LLC
Dave Gerber, MEd.

Dave Gerber, President and Founder of Synergy Development and Training, LLC, is a change catalyst, motivating people to become the best version of themselves. Known as “The Conflict Healer,” Dave inspires his audiences to transform the way they engage with the world around them. His dynamic, humorous style and remarkable depth and breadth of content has earned him the reputation of “best speaker ever” by many of his audiences. His talent for simplifying complex ideas into elegant solutions, is a gift that leaves participants with actionable learning that they can implement immediately.

A passionate teacher, healer, warrior and poet…Dave Gerber is more than a dynamic speaker.  He is also an Executive and Leadership Coach, Learning Expert, Trainer and Author.  Dave has presented to more than 10,000 executives, managers and individuals across the U.S. Some of his clients include: SAIC, NASA, Dominion Power, Novo Nordisk, Military & Intelligence Community, Medical & Dental Community, Martial Arts Community, ManTech International, NTCA, EPA, ATPCO, National League of Cities, Project Management Institute and PA House of Representatives.

Dave Gerber
President; Consulting, Training, Leadership Coaching and Conflict Specialist

Dave Gerber has a proven track record converting his personal experience into conflict lessons that have been shared with employees of all kinds, at every level, in a coaching, training, speaking and consulting capacity. 

Dave is also the only speaker in the world that uses innovative, rarely seen, moving sand art! Audiences will love the experience and connection to the theme of the keynote or event. Most agree within the first three minutes that having Dave speak at their event was a great decision!

“Our meeting attendees very much enjoyed the sand film and the way it so beautifully connected to the theme.”

In addition to his organizational leadership and conflict management experience, Dave is a certified, Instructor-Level Black Belt in Krav Maga (self-defense), and has completed his Master Certification training in the art of Reiki, Japanese Energy Healing.

Dave is also a prolific author. A selection of his titles include:

  • Use Conflict: Advance Your Winning Life
  • Are You a King or Queen of Conflict…In Project Management?
  • Roadmap to Success (with Deepak Chopra and Ken Blanchard)
  • “On Fire Leadership® (other motivational quote books for martial artists and the military)
  • L.I.F.E. Line Self-Defense® (Book Series for Kids and Women)


To increase organizational, professional and personal potential by expanding upon individual’s and team’s ability to prevent, manage and resolve conflict.

Corporate Mission –

Synergy Development & Training, LLC helps companies save money by assisting them to be proactive in preventing and resolving conflicts. This is done at the strategic, professional development and employee relations levels with the result of reduced litigation, increased retention and heightened responses to unforeseen and known conflicts


Our Core Values –

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Service
  • ROI

Meet Our Board of Advisors –

  • Dave Maurer, PMP (Retired Army Lt. Col.)
  • Glenda Crawford
  • Monish Banga
  • Warren Pack
  • John Hovell
  • Barry Foer

We Always Customize It!

The Details of How we do it?

We bring more value to your decision for training, organizational development, facilitation, coaching, and mediation because we combine experience and traditional, contemporary and State of the Art methods utilizing any combination of:

  1. Strategic Planning, Appreciative Inquiry, Change Management Strategies
  2. Supervisory and Employee Workshops and Training Sessions
  3. Coaching, Facilitation and Mediation
  4. Socratic Methodology, Co-Teaching, and Multi-Lingual Capabilities
  5. Multi-Media Presentations, Recreation and Experiential Exercises
  6. Small, Medium and Large Cooperative Learning Groups and Exercises
  7. Psychodrama Action Methods, Role Playing & Situational Analysis
  8. Skill & Behavioral Assessment and Enhancement Rubrics & Matrices
  9. Tele-Conferencing and Tele-Coaching
  10. Internet Technology, E-Learning, Inter/Intranet

Why Synergy?

Synergy requires several elements…most importantly the right specialists!

In an attempt to truly create synergy between you, your employees and the Synergy Team we believe that several variables are critical and that quality starts with people.

At Synergy Development & Training we connect high quality consultants, trainers and coaches with the right job every time. We know that demonstrating expertise goes beyond just delivering content. Matching specialty areas, experience, personalities and style…we know it is critical to create a strong foundation with every initiative.

At your request for training and coaching, we can utilize men and women with diverse business, ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds; some of these individuals are multi-lingual (one that knows 9 languages!)

We believe that success starts with matching our expert(s) to meet your need, help fix your problem, transfer the desired knowledge to your people and build the relationship at the same time. It is one of the first stages when “Moving Forward Together” and one we know you appreciate. Please visit our website to learn more about our Board of Advisors and their support for Synergy Development & Training.